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Fundraising and Ethics

We had a discussion last spring in LIS 5033 regarding the ethical implications of accepting donations from certain funding sources.  I mentioned seeing an article in the Tulsa World some years ago about the Susan G. Komen Breast Cancer Foundation, and a donation they received from the owner of several strip clubs. 

I can’t seem to link to the webpage, but here’s the bibliographical info:

Topless-bar mogul joins breast cancer fight

Tulsa World (OK) – October 22, 2004
Edition: Final Home
Section: Syndicated
Page: A19
I found the article through NewsBank, one of the OU Library’s many online resources.
Makes for an interesting case study in the fundraising world…

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Ah…  Summer school is almost over.  Turned in all my final assignments last night.  Just a couple more hours of lecture, then I’m scot-free!  Sure, I could cut out on the last couple hours, but I’ve forked over a considerable chunk of change for this class, so I guess I’ll stick around and get my money’s worth.

I was talking to Doc Martens about some topics to develop into research projects, and we got onto the subject of urban legends.  She asked me what my favorite urban legend was, and I’ve been pondering that thought ever since.  Does a piece of fiction have to fictionally occur in an urban setting to be an urban legend?  I’ve always been fond of the Bigfoot stories–to quote Mulder, “I want to believe”–but Bigfoot isn’t exactly a city-dweller. 

After some research on Snopes, I decided some of my favorite not-exactly-urban legends are that penguins will fall over backwards watching airplanes fly overhead, and that explorers discovered a previously unknown arctic creature that has a body temperature of around 110 degrees and burrows through the ice under crowds of penguins to catch one as a snack.  I chose these because I believed in them for an extended period of time during high school, and found them terribly entertaining.  My brother told me that pilots loved to fly over groups of penguins, engaging in “penguin bowling.”  What a great image!

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As we have been learning about the benefits of illustrations in procedure writing in my management class, this seemed apropos.

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I aam looking forward to starting my graduate assistantship with Doc Martens in August.  I had been planning on picking up an extra 10 hours of data entry work per week at a minimum pay rate with my current employer, just for some extra cash, but my boss made an interesting proposition yesterday.  Instead of hiring me as an hourly employee at a minimum rate, they are thinking of contracting with me as a consultant!  That way, they can commission me to review grants, do data entry, reorganize their filing system, whatever.  I can choose which jobs I want to do, and they can pay me more for the more difficult jobs, like reviewing grants. 

I didn’t get into nonprofit work for the money, but hey, this sounds like a pretty groovy arrangement.  “Consultant” might look fairly impressive on my resume…

I’ve got to figure out how this will affect my income taxes, though.

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Ah, wikipedia… 

What would we do without your endless documentation of popular culture references?

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