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Muddled Musings

For something a little more substantial than the previous, here are a few thoughts.

It’s amazing to consider how many of the crazy inventions detailed in Vannevar Bush’s “As We May Think,” have come into existance, and how far information technology has come in such a short time.  Yet it’s interesting that his concern of locating quality information within the quantity of publications is still a very real and current concern.  The Google phenomenon seems evidence enough of that.

In section 6, Bush mentions difficulty accessing information due to the artificality of indexing in his time.  He notes a desire to browse information packets in the same way the human mind works, operating by association.  Sounds to me like he’s longing for the hyperlink!  Or something like it.  That’s some visionary thinking for all the way back in 1945.

Michael Buckland’s position that anything can be or provide information in “Information As Thing” seems to support Bracken’s and my argument that information permeates planet earth and all the interactions of its inhabitants.  But can something be informative if there is no entity to receive that information?  If the nature of information is to inform, then perhaps not?  If a tree postulates in a forest and no one is there to hear it…

The subjectivity of our absorption of information is interesting to note.  Buckland’s thoughts remind me of the novel, Being There, which I read in one of my undergrad communcation classes.  The main character was a mentally challenged individual whose simple statements about life were taken to be extremely profound by everyone he came in contact with.  Some of the questions the book poses seem to be, how much information do we really absorb from the world around us, and how much is that information corrupted, enhanced or transformed by our interpretations, life experiences, and all the information we bring with us to every new interaction?

Hm…  All this pondering is making me hungry…

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